Week 2: Saturday Slip-ups

Overall we continue to do well.  I have to remember that any improvement is improvement and I can’t expect to be 100% perfect from the start.  Things I’m proud of in Week 2:

  • Buying all organic dairy, meat, and produce.  The only non-organic things in my entire shopping this week were mustard (whole grain, stone ground) and coffee.
  • Making my own BBQ sauce that was actually tasty.  My 2 year old daughter even helped.  She is so proud when we use it.
  • Doing most of my shopping at Trader Joe’s to save $.  My total bill was still around $170 but we’re getting there.
  • Overall planning.  I have this carousel of plans spinning in my head and I’ve been able to keep up on everything.

We had a couple slip-ups on Saturday:

  • I hadn’t been hungry all week and had skipped dinner for about three days and by Saturday night, I was dying for food.  We went out for pizza.  Only I ate some and hubby had some fries.
  • During the same time when grandma was babysitting, she didn’t know about the changes we’d made and gave the kids pixie sticks.  Now that she knows what we are doing, she’ll be totally supportive.

Food items we’re still using up:

  • Salad dressings
  • Non-organic cheese sticks.  Only I eat them.  Kids were switched immediately but I can’t stand to throw away that much food and I don’t have a place to donate perishables.

Things to do better for next week:

  • Keep some meals that I love to eat at home for junk food cravings.  I probably would have been just as happy with whole wheat spaghetti and homemade sauce as I was with the pizza.  Plus the spaghetti doesn’t come with the same guilt.
  • Get better water bottles for the kids.  We often go to the gym after daycare so they need snacks and water on the way.  Every day I struggle to find clean cups to put water in.

All of the same things to work on for the future:

  • Work with the daycare to figure out the most efficient way to bring snacks.  I’d prefer to only pack breakfast and lunch daily and maybe bring snacks weekly.
  • Work on meat and milk product sources.  We visited one farm but it would be inconvenient for weekly pickup.  Keep researching.
  • Find at least one restaurant where we can eat out.  We need one option for burned dinners, very sick kids, or when I’m out of town for work.

Health updates have been hard to gauge.  My husband and daughter got the stomach virus and have been sick all week.  If my daughter continues to be sick tomorrow I’ve got to take her to the doc.  I’m really hoping it is a virus and not a food intolerance brought to light by our different eating habits.  I feel like I may be coming down with the same virus.  It will be hard to keep up the same level of attention to cooking if I have a knock-down virus.  My husband is a terrible cook despite 7+ years of lessons from me.  We won’t know how things are going with my son’s asthma until his next cold virus.  I’m hoping it won’t be for a while but I will be interested to see how it goes.

Have a great week!


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