Week 1: Change is Hard

We started on Sunday and we’ve made it until Saturday.  In using up foods in my house, we’ve eaten things that we won’t be eating in the future.  On that list:

  • Conventionally-raised meat including ground turkey and bacon
  • Non-organic dairy for the adults (I switched the kids right away) including sour cream and cheese
  • Salad dressing and other sauces containing sugar
  • Highly processed corn tortillas
  • 100% Apple Juice Boxes

Overall we’ve done really well.  Things I’m proud of:

  • Making all meals except Saturday lunch at home
  • Packing much better snacks for the kids when they’re eating away from home including raw trail mix and organic cheese and whole wheat (no processed sugar) crackers
  • Finding a whole wheat bread machine recipe I actually like
  • Having far fewer sugar cravings than I anticipated

Things to do better for next week:

  • Making sauces at home.  I am attempting this BBQ sauce tomorrow
  • Prepping and freezing more small portions for my lunches or for kid snacks
  • Figuring out how to do less of my shopping at Whole Foods

Things to work on for the future:

  • Work with the daycare to figure out the most efficient way to bring snacks.  I’d prefer to only pack breakfast and lunch daily and maybe bring snacks weekly.
  • Work on meat and milk product sources.  We visited one farm but it would be inconvenient for weekly pickup.  Keep researching.
  • Find at least one restaurant where we can eat out.  We need one option for burned dinners, very sick kids, or when I’m out of town for work.

There aren’t really any health updates at this time.  I’ve felt extremely tired at night but I’ve also been working out almost daily and had an extremely busy work week.  It is difficult to track the kids stomach issues this week because they both have a stomach virus that circulated the daycare.  My husband had a little less random pain this week but did have a very bad bout of chest pain yesterday (Friday).  The only positive is that I’ve lost a couple pounds.  In addition to the diet changes, I’ve also been tracking calories.  I do find it easier to stay in my calories when eating this way though.

See you next week!


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